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We manufacture a range of tools for aircraft engine overhaul & production, Aircraft accessory tooling. In addition to providing a variety of tools to UT – P&W we have manufactured tooling for Chengdu Aerotech, China for the production of Stators for JT8D Engines. We have also exported repair development engineering tools to ACTS, Taiwan. We manufactured and supplied production tooling for SU 30 Aircraft engine production at HAL, Koraput. In the FY 2007-08, we have manufactured CFM-56 Engine Overhaul tools and supplied to AIR INDIA. Also exported CFM-56 tooling to France. We have also supplied overhaul tooling for GE 90 engines for Air India in the year of FY2008-09.

We have manufactured several IAE engine overhaul tools for Indian Airlines, New Delhi (currently NACIL) against their requirements.
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Standard Tools in our Portfolio include:  
1. Stands (various, including storage);
2. Pedestals (fixed & adjustable);
3. Pullers (jackscrew, hydraulic & knocker type);
4. Adapters (lift & turn);
5. Wrenches -(hand & torque);
6. Pins (aligning & rigging);
7. Saddle Support;
8. Fixtures (assembly, holding, handling, build & storage);
9. Milling, Brazing, and Stress Relieving Fixtures,
10. Flush Pin gauges,
11. Press Tools for piercing aerofoil profile, pluggages, etc.
12. CMC Machining Fixtures for Machining parts of Helicopter cabin (TATA-SIKORSKY)
13. Budlocks, Riser blocks & Tombstones to enable SMDC concept on CNC Machining cerntres at TARA, Hyderabad.

Assembly Final Fixtures for FT-4000 Turbine at PWPS, CT, USA (The entire Assembly line Tooling is from us).
All the afore-mentioned tooling has been built for aircraft engines, viz.:
- PWA Tooling for PW 4056 Engines.
- PWA Tooling for JT9D & JT8D Engines.
- IAE Tooling for V 2500 Engine.
- GE Engine Overhaul Tools.
- Accessories Overhaul Tools
- Aircraft Tools for 747-400 for handling rudders, fixture for keeping Engine Cowls open etc.
- CFM 56-7 & -5 Engine Overhaul tools for Air India Ltd.
- Production tooling for SU-30 Air Craft Engine
- SIKORSKY Helicopter panel Machining Tooling for Sikorsky S-92
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