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We have the necessary machining facilities, and the required inspection equipment to manufacture tools for a wide range of applications.

1. SIP Hydroptic 8P JIG Boring Machine:
X-axis : 1400mm
Y-axis : 1050mm
Accuracy of table over 1400mmx1050mm with in 0.002mm.
Vertical & Horizontal Spindles-run out 0.0015max.
Equipped with programmable DRO's of 0.0005 for X-axis, Y-axis.
Also available with the machine is a Rotary table of 800mm diameter. with optical read-out of 1 second.
Universal Rotary table of 440mm diameter.
2. KOLB co-ordinate Drilling & Boring Machine:
X-axis : 1500mm
Y-axis : 1000mm
Maximum permitted job weight 5 tons.
3. Hardinge VMC 600 II Vertical Machining Center:
X-axis : 600mm
Y-axis : 510mm
Z-axis : 510mm
FANUC O Controller.
20 Tool ATC.
Delcam & Gibbs Cam Package for Program.
4. Makino FNC 40-A16 Vertical Machining Center:
X-axis : 400mm
Y-axis : 400mm
Z-axis : 405mm
FANUC System 11.
16 Tool ATC.
Delcam & Gibbs Cam Package for Program.
5. OKAMOTO PSG84 Precision Surface Grinder:
X-axis : 805mm
Y-axis : 400mm
Z-axis : 405mm
Vertical Clearance: 22.5 to 522.2 mm
6. Moore JIG Grinder Model No. 3
7. Moore JIG Borer Model No. 3
8. Everite CNC Grinder
Y-axis : 400mm
Z-axis : 405mm
Maximum Dia Ground 800mm (Extendable upto 1000mm).
9. Deckel Maho DE 10-C Multi-Form CNC EDM:
  Traverse Range: X-axis : 215mm.
Y-axis : 165mm
Z-axis : 250mm
Maximum Cutting Current: 45 A
10. CNC Engraver / Miller Model BR 5535
450 x 300 x 100 mm
SIEMENS 802d Solution Plus Control System.
11. HMT Universal Grinder, K-130 U:
with various quills, chucks and accessories
12. HMT Universal Grinder, G-17 U:
with various quills, chucks and accessories.
13. HMT Milling Machine FN2V:
with dividing head.
rotary table.
T-Max cutters of various sizes.
14. HMT Milling Machine FN3H:
with rotary table.
vertical head .
self-centering vice.
15. T-Max cutters of various sizes.
16. Tool & Cutter Grinder Model 411 with accessories.
17. Hydraulic Surface Grinder Model 451 with accessories.
18. Enterprise 355 Lathe with accessories.
19. HMT-NL26 Lathe with accessories.
20. Radial Drilling Machine, 40mm capacity.
21. Spark Erosion Machine Model 4025.
22. Spark Erosion Machine Model 5030, with accessories.
23. Hydraulic Hand Honing Machine from Honeywell Corporation, USA.
24. Bench Drilling Machine of 3/4" capacity.
25. Welding set, 300amps.
26. High Speed Spindle Unit.
27. Bench Grinders.
28. Portable Drilling Machine & Angle Grinder.
29. Material handling equipment.
30. DG Set: 125KVA.
31. Hand Grinders 4" & 6" Capacity.
32. Load Testing facility: 20 Metric Tons Capacity.
33. Heavy Duty Portable Milling Head
CMM Model LK G90c 10.10.8 from LK of UK (Now called Metris):
Y-axis : 1000mm
Z-axis : 800mm
The machine is equipped with the state of art DMIS Software and Probes.
Linear Height LH-600 B.
Profile Projector 500V.
Bore Dial Gauges.
Micrometers: Standard, Flange, Thread, Stick, Depth, and Digital.
Covers measuring range from 0 to 800mm.
Stick Micrometer, Mitutoyo, 50 to 1000mm.
Inspection Centers.
Surface Plates in various sizes: Right up to 2000mm x 1000mm.
Dial Indicator with Magnetic Stand.
Precision Paired V Blocks.
Slip Box: Various Sets.
Electronic Comparator.
Radius Gauge.
Surface Finish Master.
Hardness Tester.
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