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We have the necessary machining facilities, and the required inspection equipment to manufacture tools for a wide range of applications.

1. SIP Hydroptic 8P JIG Boring Machine:
X-axis : 1400mm
Y-axis : 1050mm
Accuracy of table over 1400mmx1050mm with in 0.005mm.
Vertical & Horizontal Spindles-run out 0.0015max.
Equipped with programmable DRO's of 0.0005 for X-axis, Y-axis.
Also available with the machine is a Rotary table of 800mm diameter. with optical read-out of 1 second.
Universal Rotary table of 440mm diameter.
2. KOLB co-ordinate Drilling & Boring Machine:
X-axis : 1500mm
Y-axis : 1000mm
Z-axis : 1200mm
Maximum permitted job weight 5 tons.
3. Hardinge VMC 600 II Vertical Machining Center:
X-axis : 600mm
Y-axis : 510mm
Z-axis : 510mm
Standard features of the machine:
FANUC Controller.
20 Tool ATC.
DELCAM for CAM Programming
4. Makino FNC 40-A16 Vertical Machining Center:
X-axis : 400mm
Y-axis : 400mm
Z-axis : 405mm
Standard features of the machine:
FANUC System 11.
16 Tool ATC.
5. OKAMOTO PSG84 Precision Surface Grinder:
X-axis : 805mm
Y-axis : 400mm
Z-axis : 405mm
Vertical Clearance: 22.5 to 522.2 mm
6. Moore JIG Grinder Model No. 3
7. Moore JIG Borer Model No. 3
8. Everite CNC Grinder
Diameter: 800mm (1000mm in extended mode)
Length/Height: 800mm
CNC Controller
9. CNC Engraver / Miller Model BR 5535
450 x 300 x 100 mm
SIEMENS 802d Solution Plus Control System.
10. HMT Universal Grinder, K-130 U:
with various quills, chucks and accessories
11. HMT Universal Grinder, G-17 U:
with various quills, chucks and accessories.
12. HMT Milling Machine FN2V:
with dividing head.
rotary table.
T-Max cutters of various sizes.
13. HMT Milling Machine FN3H:
with rotary table.
vertical head .
self-centering vice.
14. STRUDER High Precision Universal Grinder SU 30 RHU650
15. WEILER Precision Lathe Model PRIMUS LZ.
16. Tool & Cutter Grinder Model 411 with accessories.
17. Hydraulic Surface Grinder Model 451 with accessories.
18. Enterprise 355 Lathe with accessories.
19. HMT-NL26 Lathe with accessories.
20. Radial Drilling Machine, 40mm capacity.
21. Spark Erosion Machine Model 5030, with accessories.
22. Hydraulic Hand Honing Machine
23. Bench Drilling Machine of 3/4" capacity.
24. Welding set/s, 250amp.
25. Bench Grinders.
26. Portable Drilling Machine & Angle Grinder.
27. Material handling equipment.
28. DG Set: 125KVA.
29. Load Testing facility: 20 Metric Tons Capacity.
CMM Model LK G90c 10.10.8 from LK of UK:
X-axis : 1000mm
Y-axis : 1000mm
Z-axis : 800mm
The machine is equipped with the state of art DMIS Software and Probes.
Laser Tracker from API, Model OMNI Tracker 2
Linear Height LH-600 B.
Profile Projector 500V.
Bore Dial Gauges.
Vernier Calipers - various sizes: 1500mm, 300mm
Micrometers: Standard, Flange, Thread, Stick, Depth, and Digital.
Covers measuring range from 0 to 800mm.
Stick Micrometer, Mitutoyo, 50 to 1000mm.
Inspection Centers.
Surface Plates in various sizes: Right up to 2000mm x 1000mm and 3200mm x 1000mm.
Dial Indicator with Magnetic Stand.
Precision Paired V Blocks.
Slip Box: Various Sets.
Electronic Comparator.
Radius Gauge.
Surface Finish Master.
Hardness Tester and Portable (Digital)
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